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Steel Boots

Steel Boots logo
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)
Gestapo Nabudowie Auu is guild leader of Steel Boots.
The guild was founded on on 8 August 2021.
Guild Members
Rank Name Info
LeaderGestapo Nabudowie Auu132 Elite Knight
MemberAbrakadabra68 Elder Druid
Adam Malysz106 Master Sorcerer
Anapoloon130 Royal Paladin
Artysta116 Elite Knight
Boski On Fire116 Elder Druid
Brat Pierce Brosnana124 Master Sorcerer
Bumis109 Master Sorcerer
Devar110 Master Sorcerer
Dildo Baggins121 Elder Druid
Dolce117 Master Sorcerer
Eagle Denko111 Master Sorcerer
Eagle Haz112 Elder Druid
Eagle Mayo104 Master Sorcerer
Eagle Pyro86 Elder Druid
Elite Knight129 Elite Knight
Enchantress140 Master Sorcerer
Endi Jotpe115 Master Sorcerer
Eunuuch143 Royal Paladin
Euunuch96 Master Sorcerer
Haiabuza98 Master Sorcerer
Immortal Teresa Mendooza83 Royal Paladin
Ipoke (ale na chuj sie prujesz)120 Royal Paladin
Iwobi84 Elder Druid
Jangcy131 Master Sorcerer
Jason Derulo (Sepogrom here)106 Master Sorcerer
Juzek Aka Sorc92 Master Sorcerer
King Kong108 Master Sorcerer
Kosa The Furious138 Master Sorcerer
Laster (Protected by Steve)99 Royal Paladin
Lotnik Kiszon182 Elder Druid
Lucyfer Inferno119 Royal Paladin
Makowiec145 Elite Knight
Mazio Zapinator119 Elder Druid
Mr Dzielny152 Elite Knight
Mumafuka111 Master Sorcerer
Nikos On Fire117 Master Sorcerer
Olszak Here126 Master Sorcerer
Pio137 Elite Knight
Rafix106 Elder Druid
Reja Is Here130 Elite Knight
Skatteverket94 Elder Druid
Spinkers Von Szprajzzert (THERE IS NO BETTER DRUID )117 Elder Druid
Squn Nightrider (Hail We Ride !)100 Master Sorcerer
Steve Urkel131 Elite Knight
Szeke Reke102 Master Sorcerer
Ventar113 Master Sorcerer
Wayr Senzu128 Elite Knight
Widmoree100 Elder Druid
Invited characters
Name Information
Elexenos100 Royal Paladin
Extra121 Master Sorcerer
Olszak65 Master Sorcerer
Przeszczi96 Elder Druid
Scrad103 Royal Paladin
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