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Danse Macabre

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New guild. Leader must edit this text :)
Paperwalle is guild leader of Danse Macabre.
The guild was founded on on 9 August 2021.
Guild Members
Rank Name Info
LeaderPaperwalle138 Elder Druid
Vice-LeaderAldi Powalajnen112 Elder Druid
Alimentywalle104 Elder Druid
Arthur Bishop92 Elder Druid
Damper109 Master Sorcerer
Flomes131 Elder Druid
Nebb ( )112 Master Sorcerer
Ofrivillig Jude (Protected by Wennman)142 Royal Paladin
Olof92 Master Sorcerer
Operator Dzwigu132 Master Sorcerer
Spongebob Squarepants (Legacy)126 Elder Druid
MemberBaba Vicc98 Master Sorcerer
Barrier150 Elite Knight
Batushka116 Master Sorcerer
Billy'Boy83 Master Sorcerer
Blik Na Total Casino106 Elder Druid
Blikawalle92 Master Sorcerer
Boris Kafarov (Deadbase)108 Elder Druid
Droem Drullen (Stokkish)125 Elder Druid
Dwadziescia Ziko Blikiem113 Elder Druid
Emeryt Zturbodoladowaniem95 Elder Druid
Gienek Ryath85 Elder Druid
Hail Dbk96 Elder Druid
Heroldo105 Elder Druid
Kevia (Indila)126 Royal Paladin
Khalon (V)125 Elder Druid
Kickdown Nach Berlin126 Royal Paladin
King Dafirma108 Elder Druid
Kirkao Legend111 Master Sorcerer
Kishiru Syn Kurwy170 Elite Knight
Koma145 Master Sorcerer
Koti Powalajnen89 Master Sorcerer
Lawl Gawd51 Sorcerer
Lyon111 Elder Druid
Mange141 Elite Knight
Mlody Pop Smoke90 Master Sorcerer
Nairo Quintana106 Master Sorcerer
Ochocinco141 Elite Knight
Papqi114 Master Sorcerer
Pyra107 Elder Druid
Qefie Aka Killer173 Master Sorcerer
Sak Kok83 Master Sorcerer
Shodo144 Master Sorcerer
Spaghetti Mafia94 Elder Druid
Spongebob Neckbeard (Anjoh)140 Elite Knight
Stallebrandt141 Elder Druid
Straz120 Master Sorcerer
Suiiciidee Jakob137 Elder Druid
Sustanon120 Master Sorcerer
Szczurawalle120 Master Sorcerer
Tato89 Master Sorcerer
Tradbill153 Master Sorcerer
Tribrid91 Royal Paladin
Trust Me Bro127 Master Sorcerer
Wennman150 Royal Paladin
Zapach Gita96 Master Sorcerer
Invited characters
Name Information
Striker Legend94 Master Sorcerer
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