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Announcements - First Guild War Tournament!
GOD Slugar
51 Rookstayer
on 2021-08-13 21:05:05
First Guild War Tournament!
Dear players,

In this edition of our server, we decide to organise first in our history Guild Tournament in which leader of winning guild will be able to receive 750 PLN. As it's our first event we don't want too much fuss with managing everything with ton of players - as it's going to be managed handly - not automatic system yet we decided to launch it just for 2 most active guilds in wars which are Danse Macabre and Steel Boots. First tournament will take a place at Sunday (15 August) at 20:00 CEST - prepare your members!

We have prepared a special in-game module called so Guild Torunament in which leaders will be able to set their team and manage it. To open Guild Tournament module simply write !tournament command in-game.

The tournament will be held on specially designed map with strict settings:

- Only players which are added in module will be able to travel Tournament map
- Maximum 30 members of guild may participate
- Guild leader have to add himself too!
- Once a member join Tournament map he will be no longer back untill Tournament is over
- Player which died is able to back to Tournament map till Tournament is activate
- Guild need to win 2 times against second guild (only first 30 frags for a guild is being counted in tournament, however they may still kill members if they reach the limit)
- UE/Waves are going to be blocked
- You may not logout on Tournament Map
- There are no defence places on Tournament map
- Dying on tournament is same as dying in normal fights
- Tournament will start if 2 members set their teams ready in Guild Tournament module (use it carefully, you may use checkbox only 1 time per 10 minutes)

Tournaments will take a place every weekend so more and more guilds are going to be welcome on the next dates.
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